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Spring Trends

Several home trends seem to be drifting in new directions. Staying current on recent home decor trends can help add value to your biggest investment – your home! Here are the top three trends we have seen catching on for home decor in 2019! #1 Less is More Whether you call it KonMari, Feng Shui, or being economically mindful – the concepts are all very similar: Use less stuff, downsize, pick out what is most important to you and let go of the rest. Appreciate what you have. Invest in quality items that you love and will use. #2 Plant...
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Daylilies For Curb Appeal

Daylilies should be on your mind. They probably aren’t – but let’s change that. One of the easiest ways to increase your home’s curb appeal is to spruce up your landscaping. With just some time in the yard and a small amount of money spent, your home can have a beautiful garden to enjoy. Daylilies are a great option in particular because they do well in Coastal Texas, and the planting time is March to Early May. So go get some daylilies, it isn’t hard – I promise! I’m going to tell you the 10 essential steps to Have Healthy, Long...
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Lake Jackson History

Lake Jackson History Spotlight The unique street names (This Way, That Way) were part of the original design to give individuality to each lot in town Other streets are named after trees, shrubs, flowers & fruits Lake Jackson is called “The City of Enchantment” Originating in 1941, Lake Jackson housed Dow employees relocating to start the new chemical plant In the early days, Lake Jackson was a bit rustic, but everyone was hopeful for the new town’s future By 1944, Lake Jackson had streets, sewer systems, fire department, and a store

Become an Expert on New Homes Hitting the Market

Knowledge is power and early knowledge can offer you a powerful advantage, especially in tight real estate markets. Those who find properties first gain an edge by being the first have a chance to see new properties and thus the first to make offers. More often than not, this first to market knowledge pays off. This post will review how you can leverage the property search on this website to quickly access the newest properties on the market and how to setup email alerts when new properties match your criteria. It’s important to first point out that this website offers...
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